Brazilian Gentleman Cocktail at Bar Fogo

2017 is Fogo’s 20th year! The Chicago location is on the short list of best steakhouse experiences in the city, period. To commemorate this milestone their largest bar renovation ever, a bar built for a proper Happy Hour was installed just outside the dining hall. Bar Fogo creates a casual alternative to their legendary Gaucho adventure.

We’re talking 4$ beers, Strawberry Hibiscus Caipirinhas, Garlic Jumbo Shrimp, fucking Empanadas! ..the good life. Happy Hour runs weekdays 430-630p.

This is a top tier destination for lunch as well. After the anniversary party we were inspired to create a new tradition of luxury and ate here 5 times. It’s the attention to detail that draws you in. The salad bar is known as the Seasonal Market Table + Feijoada Bar (imported cheeses, smoked salmon etc.) The fire roasted meat tradition can be added. We’d recommended the Picanha, it’s the signature house sirloin cut.

It sounds odd, but the menu with its seafood, fresh vegetable options and side dishes are just as tempting if you are a vegetarian. I noticed the same thing at The Purple Pig, their non meat options are impressive.

661 N LaSalle Dr, River North
a bar built for a proper Happy Hour
25 South American wines
Seasonal Market Table

When you chose a place like this for lunch, it is a declaration that you are not here for the fuck around. That you have an appreciation for the art, science and timeless techniques at play here.

The Caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil. Think a Brazilian mojito using cachaca instead of traditional rum. The revamped bar program features two seasonal variants of the original. On Wednesdays their collection of 25 South American wines is half price.

fire roasted tradition. choose from 8 remarkable options

Southern Brazil’s Gaucho way extends beyond carving up churrasco meats with your knife. The rancher life is all about freedom and peace, it extends to music and dance. Big groups of musicians would play all night. The ranch families that inspired churrascarias like Fogo hosted these events and were very passionate about a quality dining experience for their guests.

River North boasts the most impressive set of modern steakhouses in the city. I’ve been to STK and RPM for Australian Truffles. You can find my Roka Akor exploits over on Chicago Beer Geeks. We’ve partied at Kinzie Chop and Bavette’s for birthdays. Trips to Fogo are on par with all those spots in this neighborhood.’s also the ole boy Nik White’s Greatest Lunch of All Time.


Feijoada Bar (imported cheeses, smoked salmon etc.).


Other Notes:
-There are 47 Fogo locations in the western hemisphere.
-Fogo was founded in ‘79 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and expanded into the U.S. in ‘97

Of the modern steakhouses in River North only Fogo and Kinzie Chop have enough action to be open for lunch. The other neighborhood options all stay closed until 4-5p.

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